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ZKtime 5.0 Software

ZKtime 5.0 software ZKSoftware doing their best to improve its time attendance modules and systems accordingly to customer needs.

ZKTime 5.0 time attendance terminal is a data transfer system that makes it completely easy for you to retrieve attendance data between biometric device and T&A System. ZKTime 5.0 attendance terminal module automatically handles of the tasks without your interaction releated to attendance logs. IT specialists, IT desk managers can be faster with this software including running multiple devices, handling data transfers, attendance logs and highly flexible reporting sections. You can use ZKTeco ZKTime 5.0 time terminal to transfer data at double the speeds of traditional attendance softwares. ZKTeco time attendance terminal can help you bring your personnel logs for reporting features.

Deploy the terminal on branch offices, connect to your  zktime 5.0 software and start using it in minutes. You dont pay for the software you use.

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Benefits of ZKTime 5.0 Software

Simple data transfer section, automatically used features and faster data moving is important. As you know, personnel attendance needs to be tracked down to further analysis of your work force. We are at ZKSoftware zktime 5.0 software knowing that, your precious time should be focused on somewhere else. Time attendance automation brings companies fully customisable check in and check out features in no time. Reducing operational costs with our biometric attendance terminals using the latest ZKTeco technology to harness data from ZKtime software. You’ll also save on time, going through the software is really easy and faster to use. You can identify the improvements on your personnel check in times and increase workforce accordingly. Use the ZKTeco ZKTime 5.0 use it  now and support your company HR needs continuous improvements are on the way. This software makes it easy to save time and track employee attendance data to your system. You can also continuously monitor attendance movement check ins and check out information using the access control features inside the software. Reporting, attendance actions are really easy to reach and can be exported from software to your desktop. Its only good when you can see the reporting features by yourself.

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Save time using automation and deliver the highest possible solutions to your premises. ZKTeco time attendance 5.0  software can be installed in a few seconds to your computer. Our services are eliminating the need for time consuming personnel tracking. It then converts classic pen and paper techniques to completely digital software based solution. ZKsoftware is One-Stop Solution for your access control and time attendance personnel tracking needs.

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ZKSoftware offers sophisticated biometric data collection from your personnel and transfering these information to attendance data without a problem. Configure your system in a few minutes and start using it. ZKtime software is pretty useful for time tracking.

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