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ZKFlex 2020 Language Packs

ZKFlex Language Packs 2020

After ZKFlex Time attendance software is installed, download and start extracting the required files for your language to the directory.

Using the preferred language file with ZKFlex Time attendance and Access control systems.


  1. ZKFlex must already be installed in your computer.
  2. Select the desired language pack from down below.
  3. Extract the downloaded language pack file to ZKFlex Resources > Languages directory.
  4. Restart software to apply the latest language package.
  5. ZKFlex now is updated with the preferred language file.
  6. After installation, you can launch ZKFlex in the selected language by double clicking on the desktop icon.
Important Note: Downloaded language pack files must be same version with the current software version. Different versions can conflict issues.

Display Language

Arabic(العربية)  v1.7.0

Russian(Русский) v1.7.0