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I have used the Advanced Installer for 2 weeks with my medium installations. It’s been a blast so far. We are a small company with 20 people based on software development. We have been developing softwares focused to the time attendance requirements of our customers. Helping them track their personnel with ease. But there was a problem with our old setup it was hard for customers to install our software with the old configuration tool we had in use. So, we decided to create a new software.

Our development team looking for a top of the line complier. Spent some time on the interwebs looking for a solution. One of our colleagues found out advanced installer. After that we obtained the trial version to test the waters. In the meantime, our time window was really small. Because our customers pressuring us with the time limited projects. Intense working hours and overtimes has been used to perfect the Advanced Installer for our own software integration has been finally done. In the complier market we can easily say Advanced is the best thing ever have touched the earth.

It is the only tool helping us achieve what we do best and there is no other thing can come closer to it. Our development team is saved incredible amount of time with the support of the program Advanced installer provided to our company.
Just to make things clearer, this software makes our problems go away in a blink of an eye. With the high amount of features included in the software itself. Our Windows based installations are super easy.


Installer of Installers

Advanced installer is a very strong software and also at the same time easy to understand and deployment friendly. One of the example feature is, “Run as administrator” this feature alone is helping our software support team save large amount of time. Before this we were using different software and our support team had to click on the exe and make it run as administrator manually. Some customers had problem with this.

You have amazing options to choose from before beginning the installations. And also, large amount of options to choose from that is crazy. Also, our licensing model is really compatible with the provided solutions. Thinking of integrating the trial version for our customers to test our time attendance software before buying it. Our old trial models were history now. Development team had limited control with the old complier tool we used. This time you are unlimited with the Advanced installer only downside is now our developer team is having nothing much to do because everything is so easy with this tool.


Well I am giving this Advanced installer a 5-star rating so to speak. There are so much alternatives but none of them coming close near to this beauty. Basically, it is a feature-rich, fast, and reliable program for your needs. It is a just one of our favorite programs of all time.
I’m quite impressed and pleased with the quality as well as stable structure of this program. It is a complete all in one for majority of the work we are doing in here. Summary, excellent and best results provided by a complier program.

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